Reducing Jeans Waist Alteration

Jeans Waist Expansion Alteration

Why Jeans Waist Alteration?

Our body changes over time, we may gain/lose weight due to changing environment. At JeansFix, we encourage you to reduce textile waste by altering your jeans. You may either reduce/expand your jeans waist line with us. Our staff will be able to do fitting with you at our workshop. Service will take about 1 week and your Jeans is comfortable to be worn again!

Why Alter Jeans With US?

Over the past 7 years, JeansFix altered thousands of Jeans for our fans. We are able to rectify some poor altered Jeans by other providers. Even better, our ThreadMatching Jeans repair services comes with 3 months warranty! So, why risk your Jeans with less experience seamstress? Check out the sample work that we rectify a wrong altered Jeans!

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