Our mission is to offer unrivalled
quality restoration & alteration services
to all Jeans Lovers around the regions.

Yes, there is flair and logic required to repair that pair you wear so dear. We know exactly where the pocket should be placed, where that denim material should sit snug and how well it should fit around your waist. We take care of all of these for you without letting you worry. Just drop off your jeans and pick them up to show off that frame of yours. Don’t worry about losing ten pounds or gaining five pounds to fit into those commercially available sized jeans when we have the ability to make them into your perfect size. Come on over and paint the town blue!

Witness The Differences

Witness our differences as every process of restoring your jeans is being treated with cares. At JeansFix, we pay extra attention to details as a respect to the original design. Damage being repaired by X method will only bring more damage to the jeans. X method will not only affect the look and design of the jeans, but it is also making the future restoration work more challenging.

With systematic restoration, every part of the damage is being strengthen. We treat the problem to the core and prevent future damage. With our ThreadMatching technique, the colour of your jeans can be restored to its original stage.


The originality of Each jeans is important. We want to keep the original design at the same time enhance the jeans to fit your body better.


Listening To User Requirements, Suggesting Alternatives, Fitting & Measurements


Examine Design Details – If necessary, order identical material to match original design.


Finalising Execution Plan – Several Discussion May Be Needed To Ensure The Best Way Is Adopted


Quality Check – The Smile On Your Face Is Our Greatest Satisfaction


No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your escape perfect.