At JeansFix, we develop our own in house technique to restore your ripped Jeans to its original state. Our unique ThreadMathing approaches the torn Jeans area with accurate colour matching to create the most natural look after restoration. This technique is completely different from the patching work that we usually see. Our tailor first would assess your ripped Jeans, create best colour matching combination for your Jeans, tidy up the torn area, adding a layer of reinforcement and finally repair your torn Jeans thread by thread.

The Advantage

The advantage of this method is to ensure long lasting repair, with the reconstruction work down to thread by thread level, the weaken area is evenly supported. It’s normal for a random patched jeans to rip again as the hole is not being supported evenly. In fact, this type of repair would bring more harm to your jeans. More work needed to be done if you would like to restore a random patched jeans! So do it a proper way, Once and For All! Do it the JeansFix Way!

Watch Us In Action

Incredible End Results: The Secret Is In The Process

Whatsapp us photos of your torn Jeans, our staff will be able to advise you the best alternative to repair them!