JeansFix is a master in denim material
alteration, restoration, redesign and repair
services. We had saved over 15,000 pieces of  Jeans for the past 7 years.

JeansFix.com is established at 2010 by an young entrepreneur. Our mission is to save as many Jeans as possible and reducing the textile waste on earth. From ill-fitted Jeans, we can totally transform your Jeans into a perfect fit. With centrally located location, we are easily accessible by public transportation in Singapore. We have gained much love and support from our customers over the years, and time to time we are proving to our customer that, attention to details is everything that we care about.

JeansFix is now serving international order as well! With the ever growing demand for good quality work, we are expanding rapidly. Give your favorite denim new life again. A pair of well fitted Jeans could last forever.

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Our team of experts offer full range of denim alteration services. From Jeans repair, to alteration of waist, length, taper leg to changing of zip & buttons. Ask us a question anytime!

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When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special. We go extra miles pushing the boundaries for you.